"Dedicated to those who served
for "Our Country" to help oppress
the evils of Nazi's, Communists
or others and of especially to
"Our POW's"...


Welcome to my website dedicated to all the U.S soldiers that fought in any war involving the United States of America during our 230+ years as an independent nation. I hope you liked my intro page showing actual photographs or paintings of wars past and present. Though, most of the movies within are produced by Hollywood, some of the movies like: Gettysburg, Midway, Tora! Tora! Tora!, Saving Private Ryan and Hamburger Hill truly bring to our living rooms the horror and history of war. You also have the special cult classics like: Kelly's Heroes, The Guns of Navarone, Platoon and even now, Patriot which are very entertaining to watch and stick to certain guidelines to what war could have been like. I also have included a very special page dedicated to those POW's in Burma and Thailand during the Japanese conquest and British and Australian surrender during the days of World War II. These POW's were made famous in the classic movie "The Bridge On The River Kwai". A show called "Time Machine: True Story of the Bridge on the River Kwai" which aired on the History Channel tells what really happened to those unfortunate soldiers and civilians captured by the Japanese army. I welcome any comments, real photos or info dealing with what really happened during any war during the the past two centuries. Especially photos dealing with POW camps and prisoners.

I separated the movies into 4 categories: World War II, Korea and Vietnam, All Other Wars and Documentaries and True Stories. Hopefully, down the road, my library on "True Stories" can be extended to include images and photos sent to me by you. Thank you for your visit, comments and please share my site with other interested soldiers or persons who are interested in war or movies involving war....

The USS Maine is blown up in the harbor at Havana, Cuba. This incedent started hostilites against Spain leading to war.

Trench warfare between the Germans and Allies killed millions of soldiers during the "Great War". Here the trench is flooded.

Gods & Generals: 1861 to 1863
Gettysburg: July 1-3, 1863
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D-Day: American troops land at
Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944.

U.S. helicopters landed troops near Quang Ngai which led the to My Lai Massacre.

An American M1 Abrams tank speeding across southern Iraq during Desert Storm.

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