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Narrated by ... Leonard Graves Produced by ... Henry Salomon
Directed by ... M.Clay Adams Music by ... Richard Rogers
Year Released - 1952-53 on NBC Television
Length - 26 Volumes - 30 minutes each

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Victory At Sea was a documentary series produced on NBC televion in and aired on prime-time in 1952-53. The series focused on the allied military actions at sea during World War II. It was also the time during America's "Golden Age" of early television. The series was produced in 26 episodes which aired weekly. The series was was reproduced in 1995 and instead of 26 episodes, there was 6 volumes of 4 or 6 different episodes. The website is split among each volume with all the individual episodes within each volume. Just click on the volume to find out more image and to view stills from each show.

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