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During World War II, American General George Carnaby, with full knowledge of the forthcoming D-Day landings in Normandy, is captured when his plane is shot down. A special team of mainly British commandos is hurriedly assembled and briefed by Colonel Wyatt Turner and Admiral Rolland of MI6. It is led by Major John Smith, MC, and US Army Ranger Lieutenant Morris Schaffer and their mission is to parachute into Germany, somehow infiltrate the castle known as the Schloss Adler (The Castle of the Eagles - hence the title of the story), the headquarters of the German Secret Service in Southern Bavaria, where the General is being held and either rescue or kill him. Known only by Smith, they are accompanied on the plane by a British female agent, Mary Elison. Soon after they arrive in Bavaria, however, it becomes apparent that things are not as they seem and there is an ulterior purpose to the mission. Somewhere, somehow, someone amongst the Allies is going to turn out to be a traitor. There's also a neat plot twist in store when the commandoes manage to reach the American general which leads to yet another twist. The vertigo-inducing climax has made Where Eagles Dare one of the most sought-after of "early" Eastwood starring features.

Starring ... Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, Mary Ure, Michael Hordern, Patrick Wymark

Director: Brian G. Hutton
Producer: Elliott Kastner

Year Released - Dec. 1968

Length - 155 minutes

Music Composer: Ron Goodwin

Movie Distributed by MGM Studios

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