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Tobruk is a 1967 war film set in North Africa during the Western Desert Campaign of the North African Campaign of The Second World War. It is a fictionalized story of Operation Agreement, and tells of 83 men, members of the British Army’s Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) and the Special Identification Group (SIG), who embark on a mission to destroy the fuel bunkers of Erwin Rommel’s Panzer Army Africa in Tobruk. The original author of the plan, Major Donald Craig has been captured by Vichy French forces and is interned in the port of Algiers. Major Craig is a Canadian expert on desert topography, desert exploration, and has extensive practical knowledge of the Sahara, thus he is considered essential to the success of the planned raid on Tobruk. Major Craig is liberated from confinment by Captain Kurt Bergman of the SIG and some of his men, and they then join up with the LRDG, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel John Harker at Kufra. Colonel Harker explains that they have eight days to get from Kufra to Tobruk, destroy the fuel depot as well as the German field guns protecting the harbor, prior to a scheduled amphibious landing. The plan calls for the LRDG to pose as POWs being escorted by the SIG posing as German soldiers.

While on the way to Tobruk they encounter a Brithish fighter aircraft (which attacks the “German” convoy), as well as patrols of Italians, Germans, and Tuareg. During one of these encounters, both radios are destroyed. With perhaps the outcome of World War II in the balance, it is critical that the raid succeed and get to Tobruk, and get knowledge of the Egyptian Anti-British plot to British. But they soon learn that there is a traitor among them who will stop at nothing to get the agreement into German control.

Starring ... Rock Hudson, George Peppard, Nigel Green,
Guy Stockwell, Jack Watson

Director: Arthur Hiller
Producer: Gene Corman

Year Released - Feb. 1967

Length - 107 minutes

Music Composer: Bronislaw Kaper

Movie Distributed by Universal Pictures

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