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World War II United States Navy submarine Commander P.J. Richardson, (played by Gable) has an obsession with the Japanese destroyer that sank his previous boat. The film is about Richardson, an American submarine captain with orders to destroy Japanese shipping in the Pacific. After some successful missions, he encounters an infamous Japanese Akikaze class destroyer nicknamed "Bungo Pete". A suspenseful submarine warfare drama ensues. The executive officer, Lieutenant Jim Bledsoe (played by Lancaster), is worried about the safety of his boat and his crew. Despite increasing tension between executive officer Bledsoe and him, Richardson persists in preparing the crew with drills and then attacks a convoy and torpedoes a destroyer head-on followed by a fast dive. The success wins Richardson the support of most of the crew. He then sets course for the Bungo Straits and confrontation with Bungo Pete. Their first encounter is disastrous, resulting extensive damage to the sub. The second encounter with the destroyer is successful, but a lethal game of cat and mouse with a lurking Japanese submarine ensues. They are mystified as to how Tokyo Rose can identify the crew of the boat; they later realize the Japanese are collecting their garbage. Run Silent, Run Deep has a plot similar to Moby-Dick, with Richardson as Ahab and the Japanese destroyer as the whale.

Starring ... Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster, Jack Warden, Don Rickles,
Brad Dexter

Director: Robert Wise
Producer: Harold Hecht

Year Released - March 1958

Length - 93 minutes

Music Composer: Franz Waxman

Movie Distributed by United Artists

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