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In the small Colorado town of Calumet, a normal fall morning is interrupted by a massive airdrop by Russian Paratroopers into the town. Following a Soviet attack on the local high school, a small group of teenagers flee to nearby mountains in order to escape the Soviets. After the youths arm themselves with hunting weapons they begin an insurgency against the Soviet-allied occupational forces. The group calls themselves the Wolverines after their school’s team/mascot and proceed to attack the occupying forces using ambushes, sniper attacks, booby traps, and raids on the occupiers' supply depots and convoys. Over time, the Wolverines are joined by a downed fighter pilot, Tanner, who instructs them in more formal military tactics. Following a rise in popular support for the Wolverines, Strelnikov, a Soviet counterinsurgency specialist, arrives to declare that there will be no more reprisals against civilians. Instead the specialist sends commandos into the mountains in order to eliminate the Wolverines. This new strategy fails when the commandos are ambushed and killed by the Wolverines. Following the ambush on the commandos the group finds a tracking device among the dead soldiers. Daryl, the son of the collaborating mayor of the town, admits that the Soviets had forced him to swallow a tracking device, explaining that he only did it as a result of coercion. Jed shoots the sole Russian survivor of the commando squad but is unable to bring himself to kill his friend. Robert shoots Daryl in cold blood, prompting the group to realize that there is no way to avoid the evils of war. The remaining Wolverines are later ambushed while eating food from crates dropped from a passing Soviet convoy they had intended to attack. Several heavily armed Mi-24 helicopter gunships appear and attack the Wolverines, and though Robert is able to disable one with an RPG, they suffer losses - Robert, choosing to die in a hail of gunfire, and Toni. Strelnikov arrives after the battle, thus implying that the food from the convoy was in fact used as bait to set up the attack. The Wolverines numbers are down to only four; Jed and his brother Matt, and Danny and Erica. Jed and Matt realize that they can't outlast the Soviets and if they keep fighting they will all die. Matt tells Danny and Erica to head for "Free America," insisting that some of their number must survive. The two brothers, meanwhile, stage a diversionary attack on the Soviet headquarters in town so that Danny and Erica can escape. Jed and his brother are both shot and mortally wounded by Strelnikov, although Jed manages to shoot and kill him as well. Jed staggers away as he carries his brother in his arms. Bella, the Cuban colonel who has commanded the occupation forces from the date of the invasion, has the chance to shoot the two brothers, but decides to let them go. Danny and Erica successfully escape into "Free American" territory.

Starring ... Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson, Powers Boothe,
Harry Dean Stanton, Jennifer Grey, C. Thomas Howell

Director: John Milius

Producers: Sidney Beckerman & Buzz Feitshans

Year Released - Aug. 1984

Length - 114 minutes

Music Composer: Basil Poledouris

Movie Distributed by MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

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