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It is the late 18th century, in South Carolina. Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) is a veteran of the French and Indian Wars and a widower raising seven children on his farm. Gabriel, the eldest, played by Heath Ledger, is anxious to join the American forces fighting the British in the Revolutionary War, without his father's permission. Against his father's wishes, Gabriel does join up only to return home wounded as he is carrying dispatches between commanders. Martin's second son Thomas (Gregory Smith), is killed trying to free Gabriel as he is taken prisoner, shot by the cold-hearted Col. Tavington (Jason Isaacs). This forces Martin to first free Gabriel with the help of his two younger sons and then join up. During this time, Gabriel marries Anne Howard. However, Anne, her father and mother, along with all the townspeople are burned alive whilst locked in the church, at the orders of Tavington. After a furious Gabriel discovers what has happened, he and a small group of men ride to engage some British soldiers. During the fight, all but four men are killed: Tavington and a British soldier, and the Reverend and Gabriel. Gabriel watches as Tavington groans and falls to the ground, dropping his own gun. Gabriel slowly makes his way over to Tavington, knife in hand. Tavington turns around and stabs Gabriel himself with a sword. Gabriel lies dying as Tavington runs off and Benjamin finally appears to find his son about to die. In the final battle, Col. Harry Burwell helps Benjamin defeat the British. It's during this battle in which Benjamin finally kills Col. Tavington, the man responsible for the deaths of two of his sons. Meanwhile, a disappointed General Cornwallis (Tom Wilkinson) sounds the retreat as the rebels celebrate. As Martin narrates, we are told that the British were defeated when the French finally arrived to block the British off. The final scene features Martin and his family arriving at a site where the foundations of homes lie. Occam tells Martin, "Gabriel said if we won the war, we could build a whole new world. Just figured we'd get started right here, with your home". Benjamin's family smiles as he replies, "Sounds good", before shaking hands with Occam and Dan Scott and walking into the forwards with his family, as the film ends.

Starring ... Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Joely Richardson, Jason Isaacs,
Chris Cooper, Tom Wilkinson

Director: Roland Emmerich

Producers: Dean Devlin, Mark Gordon, Gary Levinsohn

Year Released - June 2000

Length - 158 minutes

Music Composer: John Williams

Movie Distributed by Columbia Pictures

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