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June 6th 1944, Allied aircraft, ships, and men head toward the Normandy coast of France. They bring along with them the hopes for the defeat of Nazi Germany, and the knowledge that if they fail, it will mean more years of war. THE LONGEST DAY is a film that depicts the struggle that the allies faced in winning the battle of Normandy. The movie portrays the ground battle for Normandy through the eyes of both sides. One gets an omniscient point of view in this movie with the thoughts of the German high command as well as an insight into the allies' thought and split decision-making. There are many themes in the movie, which include patriotism, personal sacrifice, and loose. These themes are almost universal when one speaks of war, but the longest day brings these themes to a more personal level. While watching the movie, one can get a sense of what the common foot soldier on both sides felt about the battle, and the overall war. Both sides had to sacrifice materials and men in order to win this battle. Patriotism is a theme that is shown through the French troops that were coming back to their home country. A French soldier says, “This is for Dunkirk!” as he departs his landing craft in a hail of bullets in order to reach his objective, his country. This film helps one understand the circumstances of the era of World War II. The valiant portrayal of this crucial battle of The War is a great introduction to anyone that is interested in learning about operation overlord, the invasion of Normandy. This film is accurate in its facts, but the visual portrayal is not so. Many men lost their lives on the beaches that day. This movie shows very little death. This movie makes it seem like the troops that stepped out of their landing crafts into uncertainty that day faced very little resistance, which is completely contradictory to what really happened. Nonetheless, this is a gripping movie and I highly recommend it to anyone who is the least bit interested in the battle of Normandy, and to understand why it is called THE LONGEST DAY.

Starring ... John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum, Sean Connery,
Curd Jürgens , Richard Burton, Peter Lawford, Rod Steiger
Robert Ryan, Richard Todd, Robert Wagner, Mel Ferrer,
Paul Anka, Sal Mineo, Red Buttons, Fabian

Andrew Marton (American exterior episodes)
Ken Annakin (British exterior episodes)
Bernhard Wicki (German episodes)

Producer: Darryl F. Zanuck

Year Released - Sept. 1962

Length - 178 minutes

Music Composer: Maurice Jarre

Movie Distributed by 20th Century Fox

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