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Kingdom of Heaven begins in a remote village in France, with a blacksmith haunted by his wife's recent suicide as the result of her miscarriage. A group of Crusaders arrives by the small village. He discovers the existence of his out-of-wedlock father, Baron Godfrey of Ibelin (Neeson), amongst the crusaders, and that the town priest is wearing a pendant taken from his wife's body. In addition, the priest reveals that his wife's body was beheaded before burial, which was customary practice in those times for people who committed suicide. Enraged, he viciously murders the priest. Afterwards he decides to follow his father and his men to Jerusalem in the hope of gaining redemption and forgiveness for both his wife and himself. As they leave the village, the local ruler's men confront the Crusaders under the premise of arresting Balian. The Crusaders refuse to surrender him and a brief but bloody skirmish erupts in which Godfrey's knights are victorious, but several of them are killed and Godfrey is gravely wounded by an arrow. In Messina, Godfrey, on the brink of death, knights Balian, orders him to serve the King of Jerusalem and protect the helpless, and ultimately shares with him his vision of a 'kingdom of conscience', morality, and righteousness in the Holy Land. On the journey to Jerusalem, the convoy is hit by a storm, and Balian is the sole survivor of the shipwreck. Balian soon finds himself confronting a Muslim cavalier and his servant over possession of a horse. Balian slays the horseman in single combat, but spares the servant, asking him to take him to Jerusalem. Upon their arrival in Jerusalem, Balian releases his prisoner, who tells him, 'Your qualities will be known among your enemies before ever you meet them'. Balian soon becomes acquainted with the main players of Jerusalem's political arena: King Baldwin IV (Norton), stricken by leprosy yet nevertheless one of the film's wisest and most sensible rulers; Princess Sibylla (Green), King Baldwin IV's sister and Balian's love interest; Guy de Lusignan, Sibylla's scheming, bloodthirsty, and intolerant husband. Guy and Raynald of Châtillon massacre a Muslim trade caravan. Enraged, Saladin attacks Kerak, Raynald's castle. Balian defends Kerak castle from Saladin's army. Though outnumbered, he and his knights charge Saladin's army to allow the Kerak villagers to enter the castle; the quick battle ends with Balian's capture. In captivity, he encounters the servant he freed, learning he is one of Saladin's generals, who returns the favour, freeing him to Kerak. Then, King Baldwin IV arrives and successfully negotiates a Muslim retreat with Saladin, averting a bloodbath.

King Baldwin dies and Sibylla succeeds him. She names her husband Guy the King Consort of Jerusalem, after the King's failed pairing of Balian to Sibylla. Balian refused it, as Guy's murder was a kingly condition; such political intriguing is counter to Balian's morality. Elsewhere, Guy, helped by with Raynald, provokes Saladin's attack by murdering Saladin's sister, and marches to the desert, without adequate food and water, to fight Saladin. The Muslim army ambushes them in a great battle; the crusaders are annihilated. King Guy and Raynald are captured; Saladin beheads Raynald, and then marches on Jerusalem, defended only by Balian. Saladin's siege of Jerusalem is three days of battle wherein Balian demonstrates tactical skill in knocking down siege towers and holding the line when a section of city wall is opened. The next day, Balian surrenders Jerusalem to Saladin on condition of the inhabitants' safe passage to Christian Lands. At story's end, Balian is back in his French village. A column of crusader knights rides through, led by King Richard I of England, who tells Balian they are enroute to new Crusade to re-take Jerusalem from Saladin. King Richard asks Balian, the defender of Jerusalem, to join him, but Balian answers that he is only a blacksmith, and declines. After visiting the grave of Balian's first wife, he and Sibylla ride into the sunset. A title card concludes the story, explaining that Richard the Lionheart failed to conquer Jerusalem from the Muslims after years of war, that fighting over Jerusalem continues, and that "even today, peace in the Kingdom of Heaven remains elusive".

Starring ... Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Jeremy Irons, David Thewlis,
Liam Neeson, Edward Norton, Marton Csokas

Director: Ridley Scott

Producer: Ridley Scott

Year Released - May 2005

Length - 145 minutes

Music Composer: Harry Gregson-Williams

Movie Distributed by 20th Century Fox

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