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Major James Wilson (Lloyd Bridges) must lead his troops across the English channel in the D-day invasion of Normandy. He trains his regulars for the invasion knowing that many, if not all, may never survive the assault. Wilson is plagued by memories of previous missions that turned out to be suicidal. Captain Franklin (Andrew Keir) is the British officer who opposed the plan and has a personal vendetta against Wilson. The two are thrown together on the same mission when Franklin is slated to command the mine sweepers that transport Wilson's troops to their destination. They face overwhelming odds and a barrage of cannon fire from the Nazi stronghold on the Normandy coast.

Starring ... Andrew Keir, Lloyd Bridges, Mark Eden, Sue Lloyd, Maurice Denham

Director: Paul Wendkos
Producer: John C. Champion

Year Released - June 1968

Length - 89 minutes

Music Composer: Gerard Schurmann

Movie Distributed by Columbia Pictures

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