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The Krazny Oktyabr (Red October), the Soviet Union's newest Typhoon class missile submarine has set sail. In command is Marko Ramius, the Lithuanian born "test pilot of submarines." With the death of the Red October's political officer the disenchanted Ramius and his hand picked cadre of officers begin their own mission. A mysterious letter posted by Ramius to the chief political officer of the Soviet Navy initiates unprecedented Soviet Naval activities in the North Atlantic ocean. Red October disappears as Soviet ships and submarines race towards the North American coast. CIA analyst Jack Ryan believes the sub possesses an unusual, nearly silent propulsion system which renders it practically undetectable by sonar. Ryan also believes that Ramius is attempting to defect to the west -- partially because intelligence sources have revealed the Soviet fleet has orders to find and sink Krazny Oktyabr! Finding the sub and determining Ramius' true intentions draws both the Soviet and combined US/UK Navies into the hunt for Red October. Both sides engage in an intricate game of chess played out on, under, and over the North Atlantic as fleets of ships, subs, and aircraft face off against each other while searching for the "lost" Red October. Weapons are fired in anger, and blood drawn on both sides as Red October battles to complete Ramius' mission.

Starring ... Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn, Sam Neill,
James Earl Jones

Director: John McTiernan

Producer: Mace Neufeld

Year Released - March 1990

Length - 134 minutes

Music Composer: Basil Poledouris

Movie Distributed by Paramount Pictures

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