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Mallory and Miller are charged with identifying a spy known as "Nicolai", who appeared briefly in The Guns of Navarone. (In the film The Guns of Navarone, Nicolai was the identity of the laundry boy who was suspected to be listening in on private conversations and almost killed for it.) "Nicolai" is now thought to be disguised among the Yugoslavian partisans, under the guise of a Major Lescovar (Franco Nero). The hunt takes them to Yugoslavia, where they team up with "Force 10", a sabotage unit led by Lt. Colonel Barnsby (played by Harrison Ford). Stowing away is an African-American prisoner, played by Weathers. The sabotage goal is to destroy a key bridge because it is determined to be indestructible by explosives. The team instead chooses to blow up a dam which will then destroy the bridge with tons of water. The film ends after the heroes realize they ended up on the wrong side of the river and had no hopes of rejoining the partisans. The forest would soon be crawling with Germans, and Miller didn't have any more matches (a minor comic story line). The movie fades to black as the heroes begin their long journey home.

Starring ... Robert Shaw, Edward Fox, Harrison Ford, Barbara Bach,
Carl Weathers, Franco Nero, Richard Kiel

Director: Guy Hamilton
Producer: Oliver A. Unger

Year Released - December 1978

Length - 118 minutes

Music Composer: Ron Goodwin

Movie Distributed by
American International Pictures

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