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Flyboys is a 2006 drama film set during World War I, starring James Franco, Martin Henderson, Jean Reno, Jennifer Decker, David Ellison and Tyler Labine. It was directed by Tony Bill and written by David S. Ward, based on an original screenplay by Phil Sears and Blake Evans. Before the film's release, it was heavily criticized by movie-goers for stating that the United States was the first country to fly, despite not joining the war until late; however, the film points out that the Lafayette Escadrille, the 124th air squadron to be formed by the French, consisted mostly of Americans in 1916. The movie follows several members of the Lafayette Escadrille, American pilots who volunteered to fight in the French Air Service, the Aéronautique militaire, during the First World War prior to America's entrance into the war. A group of young Americans go to France, for different personal reasons, to fly for the Allies in World War I. During the training period, the film mostly follows their personalities and developments; later, the focus shifts to the art of the aerial dogfight. Themes of revenge and love are also explored. The film ends with an explanation of what happened to each character, as the movie was based on real occurances. There are many historical inaccuracies; for instance, the Fokker Dr.I triplanes shown were not used until later in the war, and the Fokker tri-plane was not used in quantity as depicted in the film; they were never in widespread use and were often structurally unreliable. Also, only a handful of Fokkers were painted in red (Manfred von Richthofen's was the most notorious). The filmmakers used them, because of their distinctive look that made them easy to tell apart from the Nieuport 17 biplanes used by the American pilots. Additionally, some details about the engines and armament are subtly inaccurate.

Starring ... James Franco, Martin Henderson, Jean Reno, Jennifer Decker,
David Ellison, Tyler Labine

Director: Tony Bill

Producers: Dean Devlin and Marc Frydman

Year Released - Sept. 2006

Length - 140 minutes

Music Composer: Trevor Rabin

Movie Distributed by MGM Pictures

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