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The film begins with Warren Lasky (Martin Sheen) being brought on board the USS Nimitz, which is captained by one Matthew Yelland (Kirk Douglas). His job is to observe the procedures of the crew aboard the vessel and report back to the powers that be about how their efficiency could be improved, a task that he sets about in earnest. Unfortunately, strange weather patterns are brewing in the area, and as quick as you can say "what's that silly-looking special effect on the horizon?", the USS Nimitz is swallowed up by the strange weather patterns and spat out again on December 7, in the year 1941, mere hours before the Japanese raid over Pearl Harbor. While the Nimitz and its crew are trying to figure out exactly what happened, a small yacht containing Senator Samuel Chapman (Charles Durning) and some of his staff is sailing out in the middle of the ocean, unaware of the danger that is heading towards them. As luck would have it, two of the Nimitz's F-14s are in the area as two Zeros shoot the yacht apart, and the match that ensues between these fighter aircraft is very uneven to say the least. The idea of two planes from the 1940s against two planes that were designed in the 1970s gives a whole new meaning to the latter aircraft's designation as an air superiority fighter. In any event, the crew of the Nimitz are understandably sceptical about the idea that they have somehow been sucked into a time warp back to the 1940s until Senator Chapman introduces himself to them. From then on in, the dilemma of what to do about the Nimitz's plight of being in a time nearly forty years before its construction, and how its appearance in the conflict will affect the outcome of World War II, takes hold of the proceedings to give us a rather interesting what-if.

Starring ... Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, Katharine Ross, James Farentino,
Ron O'Neal, Charles Durning

Director: Don Taylor

Producer: Peter Vincent Douglas

Year Released - Aug. 1980

Length - 103 minutes

Music Composer: John Scott

Movie Distributed by United Artists

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