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A squad of American soldiers loses one of its members in a village in the Central Highlands which is believed to be an ally to the Viet Cong. In retaliation, the squad kidnaps a Vietnamese girl, Than Thi Oanh (Thuy Thu Le) to be their sexual slave, much to the objection of one soldier, Private First Class Sven Eriksson (Michael J. Fox) who wants no part of it. This is quashed by the likes of the squad's psychopathic leader, Sergeant Tony Meserve (Sean Penn), who frequently antagonizes the hero for his conscience. During a firefight, the troops viciously murder the girl to avoid being discovered by their superiors. After the battle, they cover up the murder but Eriksson refuses to let the secret die. He jeopardizes both his life and military career (thanks in large part to indifferent superiors who prefer to bury the matter) to expose the crime. Eventually, there is an investigation and the four men who participated in the rape and murder are court martialed and receive long sentences. Later, Sergeant Meserve and Corporal Thomas E. Clarke's sentences were reviewed and greatly reduced. Privates Herbert Hatcher (John C. Reilly) and Antonio Diaz (John Leguizamo) were retried and acquitted on appeal after it was determined that their Fifth Amendment rights were violated during the investigation and their confessions were ruled as inadmissible.

Starring ... Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, Don Harvey, John C. Reilly,
John Leguizamo

Director: Brian De Palma

Producer: Art Linson

Year Released - Aug. 1989

Length - 112 minutes

Music Composer: Ennio Morricone

Movie Distributed by Columbia Pictures

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