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It's late 1944, and the Allied armies are confident they'll win World War II and be home for Christmas. What's needed, says British general Bernard Law Montgomery, is a knockout punch, a bold strike through the Netherlands, where German troops are spread thin. Paratroopers led by major general Robert Urquhart (Sean Connery) and American brigadier general James Gavin (Ryan O'Neil) will sieze a thin road and five bridges through Holland into Germany, with paratroops led by Liutenant Col. John Frost (Sir Anthony Hopkins) holding the most critical bridge at a small town called Arnheim. The allied plan called "Operation Market Garden" required precise timing, so much so that one planner tells Lieutenant Gen. Frederick Browning (Dick Bogarde), "Sir, I think we may be going a bridge too far." The plan also has one critical flaw: Instead of a smattering of German soldiers, the area around Arnheim is loaded with crack SS troops. Disaster ensues. The allies were forced to withdraw and ponder another strategy towards defeating the Axis powers in Europe.

Starring ... Michael Caine, Sean Connery, James Caan, Elliott Gould, Gene Hackman, Anthony Hopkins, Hardy Krüger, Laurence Olivier,
Ryan O'Neal, Robert Redford, Maximilian Schell, Liv Ullmann

Director: Richard Attenborough
Producer: Joseph E. Levine

Year Released - 1977

Length - 176 minutes

Music Composer: John Addison

Movie Distributed by United Artists

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