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In 1280 A.D. Edward I of England, known as "Longshanks," has occupied much of Scotland, and his oppressive rule there leads to the deaths of William Wallace's father and brother. Years later and after Wallace has grown up with his uncle outside of Scotland, the Scots continue to live under the harsh thumb of Longshanks' cruel laws. Wallace returns, intent on living as a farmer and avoiding involvement in the ongoing Scottish rebellion. Wallace rekindles a romance with Murron after showing her the carefully preserved thistle she gave him as a child, and the two marry in secret. After Wallace attacks a group of English soldiers attempting to rape Murron, the local Sheriff executes her. Wallace takes revenge on both him and the local English fort, and unintentionally kindles a Scottish rebellion. News of the rebellion spreads quickly, and hundreds of Scots from the surrounding regions volunteer to join Wallace's militia. Wallace leads his army through a series of successful battles against the English, however, he is betrayed and defeated at the Battle of Falkirk. He goes into hiding, fighting a guerrilla war against England and personally executes Scottish nobles who betrayed him in the unsuccessful battle. Robert the Bruce and the remaining nobles realize that Wallace has become more powerful than ever before, having thrived with the common folk and seen as the most revered man in Scotland and therefore untouchable. Wallace eventually agrees to meet with the Bruce out of trust. He is caught in a trap set by the other nobles (including the elder Bruce, and unbeknownst to Robert), and is beaten unconscious. In London, Wallace is tried before the English magistrates and found guilty of treason. Wallace refuses to admit his guilt and is brutally tortured to death in a London square, being alternately hanged, racked and finally eviscerated alive. Despite the agony, he refuses to declare his guilt, cry for mercy, or even cry out in pain. Wallace uses every last ounce of strength in his ravaged body to shout "FREEDOM!". He then sees Murron smiling at him as he's being beheaded, and smiles at her as the axe falls. Some time later, Robert the Bruce takes control of the remaining Scottish army and faces a ceremonial line of English troops near the fields of Bannockburn. Cheering Wallace's name, the Bruce and the Scots charge the surprised English lines, and eventually win their freedom.

Starring ... Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Catherine McCormack,
Patrick McGoohan, Angus Macfadyen, Brendan Gleeson

Director: Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson, Alan Ladd, Jr., Bruce Davey, Stephen McEveety

Year Released - May 1995

Length - 177 minutes

Music Composer: James Horner

Movie Distributed by Paramount Pictures

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Braveheart Theme - MIDI
Braveheart: Intro - MIDI
Braveheart: A Gift Of A Thistle - MIDI

Braveheart: Main Title
(Opening Theme)
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Braveheart: End Credits
(Closing Theme)
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Braveheart: Freedom Theme
Freedom/The Execution/Bannockburn
- MP3 ... 2.51M

Braveheart: Love Theme
For The Love Of A Princess
- MP3 ... 1.39M

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