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The film is centered on a massacre in the Bosnian war of 1992-1995. Admiral Leslie Reigart's (Gene Hackman) carrier battle group is in the final stages of a NATO peace keeping deployment when the F/A-18F Super Hornet of Chris Burnett (Owen Wilson) and his pilot Jeremy Stackhouse (Gabriel Macht) is shot down by a SA-13 SAM controlled by renegade Serbian forces led by General Miroslav Lokar (Olek Krupa). Lokar is committing a secret genocidal campaign against the Bosniak people in a no-fly zone that the NATO plane violates and photographs; wanting to avoid being discovered, Lokar has the plane shot down and kills Stackhouse while Burnett escapes and makes radio contact with his superiors. The resulting attempts to rescue the downed aviator are complicated by political considerations which are enforced on Reigart by his NATO commanding officer Admiral Juan Miguel Piquet (Joaquim de Almeida). In Bosnia, the lone U.S. navigator attempts to evade Serbian troops and a mercenary Serb sniper (Vladimir Mashkov). After dodging Serb special forces, mine fields, and tanks, he manages to contact the carrier. After retrieving photographic evidence of the massacres, he is rescued in a dramatic helicopter rescue mission.

Starring ... Owen Wilson, Gene Hackman, Vladimir Mashkov, David Keith, Joaquim de Almeida, Olek Krupa, Gabriel Macht

Director: John Moore

Producer: John Davis

Year Released - Nov. 2001

Length - 106 minutes

Music Composers: Ryan Adams & Don Davis

Movie Distributed by 20th Century Fox

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