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Back to Bataan (1945) is a WWII war film depicts events (some fictionalized and some actual) that took place after what became known as the Battle of Bataan, (1941 - 1942) in the peninsular of Bataan on the island of Luzon in the Philipines. As American forces under General MacArthur are forced to pull out of Bataan, Colonel Joseph Madden (John Wayne) of the U.S. Army, stays behind to organize guerilla fighters against the occupying Japanese forces in the Philipines. Madden teams up with Filipino resistance fighters to liberate POW's from Cabantuan. Enemy forces take control of the island nation. But as one type of war ends, another begins. Col. Joseph Madden and others like him organize uncaptured American troops and Philippine fighters into effective guerilla-warfare operatives. Philippine resistance forces who continued the fight in the years leading to General MacArthur's return. Among the true life incidents in the film's morale-boosting narrative is the liberation of prisoners from Cabanatuan-an event underscored by an on-screen roll call of real life U.S. soldier freed by that daring rescue.

Starring ... John Wayne, Anthony Quinn, Beulah Bondi, Fely Franquelli, Richard Loo, Philip Ahn, Lawrence Tierney, Leonard Strong,
Paul Fix

Director: Edward Dmytryk
Producer: Robert M. Fellows

Year Released - 1945

Length - 95 minutes

Music Composer: Roy Webb

Movie Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures

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