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The film is based on the biography of "Alexander the Great of Macedonia." It gives a glimpse into some of the key moments of Alexander's youth, and his invasion of the mighty Persian Empire, until his tragic death. It also outlined his life experience during his youth, including his difficult relationship with his father Philip II of Macedonia, the unification of the Greek city-states under the League of Corinth, and the conquest of the Persian Empire in 331 BC as well as his new plans to reform his empire, and the attempts made to reach the end of the world. The storyline begins in 356 BC with Ptolemy I Soter, who narrates the story throughout the film. In lavish sets and images Oliver Stone shows the daily life in court of his father Philip and portraying the crippling relationship between his parents. Alexander grows up together with his mother Olympias and his tutor Aristotle where he finds interest in love, honour, music, exploration, poetry and military combat. He also witnesses how his relationship with his father is destroyed and objects strenuously to his father's new marriage of Attalus' niece, Eurydice. Thereafter Philip is assassinated and Alexander becomes king of Greece and Macedonia. After a brief mentioning of his punitive razing of Thebes and burning of Persepolis, Ptolemy gives an overview of Alexander's west Persian campaign, including his declaration to be the son of Zeus by the Oracle of Amun at Siwa Oasis, his great battle against the Persian Emperor Darius III in the Battle of Gaugamela, and his eight year campaign at Hydaspes against Porus in India (now Pakistan), both of which are shown in the film. The plot also illustrates Alexander's private relationship with his childhood friend, and lover, Hephaistion, and later his wife Roxana until his death.

Starring ... Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Rosario Dawson
Jared Leto, Anthony Hopkins

Director: Oliver Stone

Moritz Borman, Thomas Schühly, Jon Kilik, Iain Smith

Year Released - Nov. 2004

Length - 176 minutes

Music Composer: Vangelis

Movie Distributed by Warner Brothers

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